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If it is true that the crisis that followed the coronavirus pandemic has shuffled many cards, it is equally true that some companies will benefit from the new status quo. They are the companies that will not give up, that will keep putting their beliefs into play, which seek continuous improvement. All these companies have the genes of innovation in their DNA.

The forecasts of the global market are uncertain but at the same time they hide opportunities, for those who will be able to seize them, in various sectors, even in the world of flexographic printing machines. At Flexofem we are ready to accept the challenges that the future will present.

It is reasonable to think that -unfortunately -this crisis will put under pressure many companies unprepared for change. However, it will not be the same for those who have already set an innovation path.

The realities that will suffer less from the blow of this crisis will in fact be those companies that had already started to innovate. We are happy to say: companies like us.

We felt the need to innovate our processes when it became clear that the market was moving at an ever-increasing speed. Areas such as purchases, assistance, customer journeys and other business logic have shown enormous potential recently, if managed in an innovative way.

Following a modern approach that made more effective not only company management, but more generally the production and supplychain of flexographic machines, has always been the great challenge for us.

This goal, one of the most challenging ever, has also allowed us to set a growth path for the entire Flexofem staff, because if it is a fact that the change starts from the people who make up the company, it is also true that these must be encouraged and helped to visualize the goal making them part of the transformation process of the company.

Having a shared mindset within the company allows everyone to row in the same direction by eliminating outdated dynamics that reduce the individual’s engagement at the expense of corporate health.

We therefore believe that an innovative approach will be even more important in the near future when the market logic will change even further thanks to a massive use of technology.

In fact, the concept of digitization will be of strategic importance tous. Being ready, even in a pandemic situation, means responding quickly to new needs. For example, by embracing smart working in order to maintain the same levels of reactivity towards customers, but also in order to keep direct contact with our production sites located in China and Italy, in a system of continuous dialogue to collect the best of each project.

The role of Flexofem, as a strategic supplier of companies operating in essential activities such as the packaging, especially in the food sector, requires usto always find a solution to guarantee correct customer service; not by chance innovative solutions to existing problems make the difference in business.

We believe that the key to overcoming these crises always passes through adaptability, and this also means seeing new challenges not just as temporary situations, but taking advantage of this situation to test new ways of working, which in the future will include the organization of the staff, such as remote working.

We believe that digital transformation is today an essential component of the innovative process.

It is exactlyon digitalization that we are creating the basis for a new relationship with the customer, more direct, more agile. We will do it through our new website. A platform where our customers and our company will dialogue easily.

But don’t think that we are moving away from you relegating the relationship to technology alone. In fact, we are convinced of the importance of the relationship between the company and the customer and as well of the human contact, but at the same time we want to relate to technology in the correct way: taking advantage of it and using it to meet common needs, such as promoting contact with distant subjects, or to enable customers to discover our new products and communicate with us in the simplest way possible by eliminating frictions.

We do not stop.

The crisis has forced all companies to redefine some parameters that until a few months ago seemed to be carved in stone as the founding systems of our economy.

The challenge that we have decided to face will let us grow first as a team and then as a company and it will give us that confidence that allows us to tackle the future with a certain amount of confidence, because if we all agree that we should not underestimate the storms coming, at the same time having a team and a clear goal to pursue allows us to deal with adversity with another attitude. With confidence in one’s own ability.


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