Drupa 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Flexofem will be present at the prestigious International DRUPA 2024 Fair. DRUPA is the largest and most influential global event in the printing and manufacturing technologies sector. Our participation is an exciting opportunity to connect with industry leaders, showcase our latest innovations, and establish new partnerships. We warmly invite

The lean method in Flexofem

The goal of every entrepreneur is to obtain the desired result in the most efficient way possible. In other words, it means making the customer satisfied with the service offered by minimizing the activities that have no value for them. At Flexofem we believe that the right way to organize a company is the lean

Flexofem’s corporate organization

When we decided to get involved and embrace an innovation process that could lead us to grow in the flexographic printing market, we also faced the need to rethink Flexofem’s business organization. Business as it is today has never been so exciting. There have never been so many opportunities to manage a company respecting the

At Flexofem we deal with flexographic printing machinery and from the first day we wanted to use an innovative approach. That decision was fundamental because, from then on, our efforts focused on giving the customer the best possible purchase experience despite the fact that we are talking about a complex sector such as the production

The heart of our company is oriented towards the realization of high-quality flexographic printing machinery. The result is a product conceived and designed entirely in Italy. At Flexofem, we build different types of machinery, trying to create every type of printing press according to customer needs, based on a tailor-made construction process. Having the ability

Manage support: our new platform

In the innovation process that we started at Flexofem a few months ago, one of the essential elements, that we never questioned, was that of providing the customer with the best possible service. We are convinced that the customer has to always be placed at the centre of our strategies and we believe that his

Our strategy: Innovation

If it is true that the crisis that followed the coronavirus pandemic has shuffled many cards, it is equally true that some companies will benefit from the new status quo. They are the companies that will not give up, that will keep putting their beliefs into play, which seek continuous improvement. All these companies have

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