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In the innovation process that we started at Flexofem a few months ago, one of the essential elements, that we never questioned, was that of providing the customer with the best possible service.

We are convinced that the customer has to always be placed at the centre of our strategies and we believe that his satisfaction does not only include having a perfectly functioning machine, but also having an extremely efficient customer service that can follow him in all the phases of the customer journey.

Starting with the search for information, to the purchase, and then to after-sales assistance, we are committed to following the customer using all the necessary tools. The last of which is our new online platform.

Producing flexographic printing machinery means producing an extremely complex equipment. It involves thousands of components and the assembly process is a delicate activity that requires the utmost care by the project managers, especially because our machinery are designed and built based on the specific needs of each customer.

Considering that among our buyersthere are companies operating in essential sectors, it is crucial to give always a perfect output.

Providing first level support is our mission that characterizes every choice we made, and a completely innovative website enable us to achieve these objectives.

From the assistance to the production process, and again back to the assistance

We design and manufacture all types of flexographic printing machinery and we take care of all the steps of the process following the agile methodology, that meanscontinuous dialogue with the customer.

Guaranteeing a customer service that follows step by step every moment of the customer’s purchasing process also means leading him to the best choice of the product.

When a customer needs to purchase a machine, he can choose various specifications based on his requirements and this means designing a machine with certain specifications that meet his needs.

Helping him at this stage allows us to obtain the most in terms of efficiency and satisfaction, but we do not stop there. We are present in all phases, even more so in the after-sales.

What do we mean by customer service?

For us, thekeywordin designing our portal has always been simplicity.

Ease of content use, but also in contacting Flexofem assistance and interacting with it.

Our new site is indeed characterized by an extreme ease of use, not even remotely imaginable until recently, also because of the limits imposed by the technologies.

Today the customer who wants to contact our support is able to recover all the necessary information, wasting much less time than before.

Within the new Flexofem website, in fact, every customer who needs immediate and in-depth support can access the reserved area from where he will have access to various options to find answers to his questions.

If the customer has questions concerning the design or the operation of a machine, he can easily open a ticket in which he will ask all his questions. This ticket will be immediately taken over by Flexofem’s support until the assistance is completed.

Assistance: ticket management

In our idea of ​​innovative development, we use the lean methodology of visual management to obtain the result without wasting time and resources.

When a customer opens a ticket, the Flexofem support team will receive the request and process it as soon as possible.

If the requests pile up, they are catalogued and divided according to their progress. In this way, Flexofem support will always have clear the status of the processes.

Not only that, once the customer service has been completed, it will be even easier to recover the same information later, further reducing the waiting time for a future request.

Following the customer and solving his problems is one of Flexofem’s values. At the same time, we believe it is equally important to help new leads understand our product and give them a taste of how the support ecosystem will be once the purchase is complete.

We have therefore eliminated all the cumbersome processes that characterize the first phase of the customer’s customer journey by affecting the effectiveness of assistance.

With the new platform we therefore are going to provide not only more information to the customer but above all we provide only the necessary information, at the right time.

Agile support

All the improvements we have implemented are designed to ensure an agile working methodology.

At a time like this, the customer needs quick answers, and to be always followed throughout the purchase process. As a result the two parts are always updated to avoid further waste of time.

The innovation processes that we have brought to our modus operandi therefore guarantee us a totally innovative approach that we know is the right formula to achieve the improvements sought.

Our new site is the result of these values.


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