The versatile press for every printer. A modern flexographic press, for the production of high-quality printing, with the following characteristics:
  • quick job changes features, combined with relevant printing speeds, that makes it ideal for short and medium/long runs;
  • print length and width range covering a wide field of the packaging and pre-print market.

  • Designed with a modular concept, including a rationally selected standard equipment, is prepared for future implementations to grant its updating according to the market demands.

Gear-less drive

Adopting direct drive technology, with “Servo-driven Motion”, provides features such as:
  • Infinite intermediate print lengths;
  • Precision and consistency of the print lengths;
  • Register precision;
  • Minimum preparation time;
  • Reduced maintenance.

The most operator’s friendly design.

The horizontal extension of the printing units offers relevant advantages.
Easy access to all printing units facilitating job change-overs and any operational control. Full accessibility at operator’s hands with feet always on the floor.
  • no lifting and climbing carrying weights;
  • all controls on hand.
Ample space for fitting different and extended dryers and curing systems.
  • Each printing unit is provided with an individual drying section adapted to the specific needs. No drying limits with colours over-printing, less solvent retention and higher realistic production speed;
  • Unlimited flexibility and HYBRYD printing technology. The availability of different type of dryers and curing systems and the printing units designed for the use of different inks make this machine a versatile tool for a variety of applications and combinations.
This line is prepared for the integration of high-resolution inkjet modules to enable hybrid printing.

Dryers always at the top of efficiency.

The special air distribution, combined with the electronic Programmable Management, grant high efficiency and rationality of energy use. The drying capacity, in terms of air volumes as well as temperature, is automatically modulated according to the realistic needs.

Each printing unit is equipped with an individual oven (drying module) extended to meet the specific requirements. Every module is provided with individual air volumes and temperature controls enabling ideal settings according to the realistic needs.

Simple manteinace

Blowing Modules Side Shifting offers their quick and easy access for cleaning works necessary to grant their best efficiency. No components need to be dismantled.


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