The “gPress” series is a line of central impression type flexographic printing presses conventional, with geared transmission, that still represents nowadays a good combination of quality and productivity in the field of flexographic printing. The extremely sturdy mechanical construction, together with the wide selection of accessories and automations offered with this series of machines, ensure exceptional reliability as well as excellent print quality.

The large space available between the printing units offers ease of operation and grant extended drying capacity permitting the use of this series of machines at relevant speeds.

Technical features

These models are supplied with a standard considerable automation and remote controls. As an option, to further minimise the time for job preparation and direct operators' intervention, the machine can be equipped with:
  • implementation of the remoted controls up to the total functions;
  • job repeatability system through a data archive recipes system of the management software;
  • replacement of the printing sleeves directly on the printing units;
  • automated printing rollers and/or sleeve mandrels replacement system.

The "gPress" line of flexographic presses cover a wide range of the printing market starting from the narrow up to the wide web widhts and medium/long runs.

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