Technical assistance.

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Our offer is rounded off with the installation, commissioning, maintenance and after-sales support of equipment distributed or manufactured by us, and includes the following services:


Maintenance and repair of existing production lines;
Modernisation of machinery and complete lines, and changes aimed at improving their performance and efficiency;
Relocation of machinery and complete production lines to other sites;
Commissioning of production lines and training of staff;
Inspections and appraisals of used and run-in machinery and equipment.
Our goal is to offer a comprehensive service for our customers that follows all the stages of design of a production line according to the principles of "turnkey" systems, and continues over time to ensure full use of the product.

We also offer services and support to ensure absolute satisfaction, covering:


New technologies and market trends;
Improvement of production processes;
Production and business organisation.

Extreme installation example, at our institutional customers, installed on the 3th level of a building. 

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