About us.

Flexofem was founded by a group of professional technicians with more than twenty-five years of expertise in the printing and flexible packaging industry.
Our work team is experienced in the following:

• Mechanical, electrical and computer-related design;
• Construction and mechanical assembly, electrical installations and electronic applications;
• Knowledge of processes, the market and legislation in accordance with various international regulations.

What we do.

We offer a comprehensive service in the following areas:


Flexo and gravure printing;
We offer support with regard to the use and handling of machinery and industrial installations, such as:
Maintenance and repair of production lines;
Modernisation of machinery and complete lines;
Relocation of machines;
Commissioning of production lines and training of staff.


The customer is an inestimable partner with whom to remain in contact over time. Our priority is to offer our customers advice and then implement these with the sale of products. Our staff is able to offer the opportunity to totally replace your machines with the most innovative line, guiding you to the choice of the best solutions according to your needs and taking care of the old lines sales and relocation.
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