iPress, a modern flexographic printing press capable to satisfy the present and future needs of the converters, following the philosophy of the last generation of machinery: modularity, versatility and reliability.Designed with a rational selection of its standard equipments and upgradeable in the future through the integration of additional units and modular equipments, represents the right investment for converters, revaluable and upgradeable at any moment. Innovative technical features, combined with high reliability, great performances, easy operations and interchangeability of each group and component of the machine, make the iPress the most efficient machine for the highly-demanding converters needs.

iPress is indicated to satisfy the needs of:

   • Quick job changes;
   • User-Friendly interface, thanks to the application of a touch screen for the jobs set up;
   • Job repeatability, through recallable recipes stored on the software
   • Precision of print repeats, especially on extensible films subject to stretch or extension during their process;
   • Tools-free operations and easy sleeve replacement.

Technical features

Quick change system. IPress is equipped with the printing units, which make the operations on the machine natural and instinctive. The sleeve replacement is carried out by a practical door system which enables the supporting mandrels to be released from any position of the printing deck, for fast and safe operations. Built with the minimum number of components and mechanisms, it provides extreme reliability and reduced maintenance.
  • The printing unit offers intuitive and flexible operations, which can be carried out in both manual and automatic modes, for the operator’s complete freedom of choice, depending on job requirements. An operator’s touch screen interface provides easy access to set up functions and procedure controls through supervisory software.
    Gearless Model. On the iPress, each printing roll is individually driven by a servo-motor, which precisely adjusts to the exact printing length required. On the printing unit, a special sleeve mandrel clamping system ensures outstanding printing quality. IPress enables to print any repeat within the minimum and the maximum size of the printing repeat (850 mm), by the total elimination of gears limitations, so that a short range of diff erent print lengths is allowed. The print repeats are selected throughout an electronic system which operates directly on the servomotors of each printing roller.

    Drying and circulation tunnel

    Drying and recirculation system. Extremely efficient drying capacity, to provide elevated machine performances during the print at the highest speeds. Optional integration of the air recirculation system, for a high energy saving through the recycling of the exhausted air and its convey to the circuit. The constant control of solvent vapor concentration is obtained thanks to a LEL controller, which maintains the level of solvent in the air in conformance with the current rules and regulations.
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