The gPress " series" undoubtedly represents the perfect combination of quality and productivity in the field of flexographic printing. The extremely sturdy build of all the mechanical components, and the broad selection of accessories and automation systems offered with this series of machines, ensure exceptional operational reliability as well as excellent print quality.
The large spaces available on the printing units allow for ease of operation and guarantee ideal uniformity of drying on the inking units which, together with the large volumes of air used and the sturdy mechanical structure, permits the use of this series of machines at the highest speeds attainable by flexographic printing.
These models are supplied as standard with fully remote controls and a work repeatability system with industrial processor, and can be equipped on request with sleeve changeover systems directly on the inking units, and automated printing cylinder and/or sleeve spindle changeover systems, in order to minimise the time for preparatory work and the direct intervention of operators on the machine itself.
The printing units are equipped as standard with an automatic precision positioning system based on closed loop control and pre-registration of formats when set. Registration operations are carried out using the remote controls and are automatically reset upon changeover.
The flexographic printing presses in the "gPress line" are without doubt a first class tool for productions involving large widths and medium /long runs.
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