Doctor Blade system.

Our innovative Doctor Blade system is usable for inks, paints and various solvents. Engineered to be easily applicable on different machines models, it reduces job preparation time. The built in water-repellent material material utilized facilitates cleaning operations while ensuring longer life due to absence of protective treatments (i.e. teflon coating).


The system significantly reduces vibrations on flexographic groups compared to traditional ones.


Engineered for easy retrofitting on several machines brands and models.

Innovative raw material, 5 years testing

Doctor Blade with table.

Magnetic doctor blade.

What makes our doctor blade system stand out above other conventional ones?

• Weight drastically reduced compared to other conventional doctor blade systems;
• Remarkable reduction of vibrations;
• Fabricated in repellent material to water, solvent and acid;
• Simple and quick blade replacement, thanks to the use of a pneumatic table or with the innovative replacement system in the machine, thanks to the use of magnets.
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