Automatic Washing System.

With the automatic washing system, the sequences are controlled by a microprocessor. The washing cycles are run according to timers and sequences preset in specific programs. Some parameters can be changed for each printing unit with a password and the settings can be saved on specific pages of the software (recipes), permitting selection of personalised recipes. The wash cycles are activated simultaneously for all the printing units selected, each with its own individual parameters. This system permits the accurate reproduction of sequences, and is therefore very efficient with the repeated use of inks and solvents. Normally, the automatic washing system includes a central microprocessor common to all the printing units, with the possibility of control and selection of recipes on a touch screen, while each unit is equipped as follows:
• support structure in steel
• 2 double diaphragm pumps for delivery and intake from the application body (body of doctor blade)
• ink flow control
• 1 ink filter
• remote controlled circuit reversing valves, with direct control of the microprocessor or manual individual control
• 1 ink tank with lid, in stainless steel
• 1 tank and lid in stainless steel for the washing liquid
• antistatic flexible hoses to connect the ink tank to the pumping unit, with quick connect couplings
• port for discharge and return from the application body (body of doctor blade)
• port for discharge and return from the washing product circulation or recovery tanks.
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